The bag encloses with a zipper at the top and features two zipper pockets at the front. It comes with a detachable and adjustable leather shoulder strap. Simply attach one of the straps to the rings at both top ends. Inside of the bag is a smaller pocket for essentials closing with a zipper.

The bag is in our calf quality leather.

About out Calf Quality
Key words: Elegant, Natural Shine, Stylish and Smooth.
The quality is a pure aniline leather. This means that you will fins no topcoat or pigmented sealent on the surface. A minimum of any enhancing product added, why the product retains its natural surface. This naturally demands a very high selection of the hides, as all visible pores, scars or other blemishes will remain visible. The characteristics of this quality is a soft and smooth surface with a natural shine resulting in an elegant and authentic feel and look to the final product.

Quality: 100% Leather

Measurements: H:30 x W:27 x D:5cm