This classic shoulder bag/crossover is crafted from buff leather. It comes with a detachable and adjustable leather shoulder strap. Simply attach one of the straps to the rings at both top ends.

Measurement: W: 24 x H: 26 x D: 5,5 cm.

Quality: Light Vintage Quality – 100% Leather.

About the Light Vintage Quality:
Key words: Unique, Handcrafted, Natural and Understated.
The Light Vintage quality is almost the same as our custom Vintage quality. To obtain the characteristic rugged look for this particular leather it has also has been dyed manually. Piece by piece the styles are finally hand waxed to attain the same enhancements as our custom vintage quality. The difference is the amount and colour of wax applied. In comparison each style is as well unique which is one of the beauties of this particular quality.